Mike’s Dad

My friend Mike and I have the most amazing conversations.  Long discussions about the “HAHA Business” photo a posted a few days back.  We spoke for a good 15 minutes about how good that picture actually is.  How far he is leaning back, how crappy the text is, how great the actually writing is.

This led us down another conversation line that lasted over 30 minutes.  Mike’s father Drew, fully types out the phrase “Ha, ha!”  every time he laughs online or when texting.  I find it hard enough to find the comma key on my phone, let alone use it every time I type Ha, ha!  Incredible! (hoping to get a picture of one of these texts soon).

This led us into another conversation.  Mike always refers to his dad as “dad”.  When telling a story about his father he does not say “my dad” but just “dad.”  I don’t like it.  It bothers me.  I do love that he continually does it and every time we have a good laugh and discussion about it.

Here is an example:

Mike: “So dad got new golf clubs.”

Nathan: “You mean your dad?”

Mike: “Ya”

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