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  • Anitra

    Reading this makes my deocsiins easier than taking candy from a baby.

  • Herica

    How can we get these more open/active? * The GGroup is open to the world: feel free to post ideas, projects, qutenioss* Fbook group wall is also open, for posts I think best use of fbook is to link to real info outside, like the blog.* The blog is currently admin only by me but I’d be happy to add some others. Creating Pages here as well as blog posts is an option for documenting projects, areas of interest, etc.* is open for anyone to sign up and edit. However, as Cole and I have found, it isnt the easiest place to create decent pages. If anyone has experience with Wikimedia or an alternative wiki, I would be VERY happy to get some help. Maybe this WordPress site could do some of the same sort of things?Other ideas?